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So we need to get the facts straight. How the virus works, how it spreads, where it wants to go, Andlet protects itself. The coronavirus is a family of viruses that can cause mild colds, from mild to severe colds. These are the bad pneumonias we are talking about. And basically what these viruses are, they look like a tennis ball in which all these spikes stay away from it. And depending on the type of spike, it allows the virus to attach to certain locations.

The parasitic virus is a growing phenomenon that is linked to your nose. So basically you have a common cold. But there is a spear in the SARS virus and the new virus sheet we are talking about that causes it to attach to your lung cells and, when found, make a photocopy of itself. Enters information for. So it uses our virus to make more viruses. I am announcing a public health emergency of global concern over the global outbreak of the novel Novel Corona virus. Most coronaviruses are unnecessary.

In this particular case, it was from Wuhan. There was a fish market where they were selling live animals and the idea is that the virus was alive, then it entered humans. But then we also learned that people are getting sicker in terms of health care workers, in terms of the family members who were caring for them, which now means that the virus is transmitted from human to human. Can pass Just like other viruses, it needs to reach a target, which is tall and you have to get there with your help.

It has no legs and no wings. So we need to move it there. So we keep saying don’t leave the gluttonous people because you are going to breathe in it.

And don’t touch your surface because that’s how the virus is coming. Masks are helpful, but they are not needed because they are leaking. You and I basically have pockets here, so the virus can get into them. The thing that is done masculinely is that it prevents us from touching our face. We smile if you are sick, so you are not giving the virus to other people. The real masks that have real masks are the N95. They are cells. These are for doctors who can take care of patients. So in the experiment, the corona virus will cause flu-like symptoms or a cold. So people only get this kind of thing.

But you will realize that as soon as the virus starts to build up in your lung cells, they are making all these copies of the virus. All of a sudden you kill your lungs, so you can’t exchange oxygen anymore and that’s why one of the early symptoms is that people have very little difficulty breathing and have difficulty breathing and so on. Because they end up in the hospital.

So at the moment unfortunately marriage is not a direct cure for corona virus, so we do not have a medium that can eradicate it. And so it really helps. So in other words, the patient can’t breathe, we give them oxygen to breathe, they can’t slip, so we give them fluids to help them.

Their kidneys are starting to fail, we help them with all these things. So this is a very helpful process. It’s a new virus we’ve never seen before, so our immune system, the Army, is having a hard time figuring out what to do.

So what we usually do is we make something called antibodies. So these are the things that can catch tooth spikes that we see on the virus and it will get rid of the virus for you and it will really bring you back to good health. Therefore, the elderly can also be in bad shape because of this and obviously teenagers, children, their immune system is not so good, so they can not make these antibodies.

So just remember your hands can be infected with the virus. The virus can’t hurt you because it can’t get out of the skin, but it works in them, now I’ve brought the virus to where it wants to go.

Solat remembers not to put our hands on our faces. So let’s say you think your thoughts have gotten on a plane or you might have bumped into someone, what should you do? So the first thing is to contact a health worker to tell you that you may have it. If you are experiencing symptoms and are going to a facility, call ahead. Okay fine. So whether you’re calling paramedics or calling the hospital or your doctor, just say you had a flight. If you have no symptoms then what we do is a separate issue.

In other words, we can only keep you away from other people and because you don’t go to parties, you don’t go with your friends, you don’t go on foreign transport.

So we can easily stop it by making sure that you shut yourself off so let’s say 7 to 14 days is the longest incubation time, so after that if you are fine. So you don’t have to worry is about. If we get the facts right, then we don’t have to worry too much, but we do the right things so that we don’t get the virus ourselves, and that we don’t pass it on to others. And if we look at each other like this, the virus will not survive anywhere. We need to move it we need to make copies of it and if we don’t help, The virus will stop. So we have the power to do that right now.

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